Facts & Figures

EHMA currently has 393 members in 24 European countries, corresponding to a market share of approx. 10%, showing room for expansion.

Internal Structure

Management Council: Responsible for the management of the Association. It is composed of the National Delegates, representing each country and/or group of countries with a minimum of ten members, and the Treasurer.
Executive Committee: Composed of the President, two Vice-Presidents (who are elected by the General Assembly for a renewal period of three years) and the Treasurer (who is elected by the National Delegates).
Assembly: EHMA's highest decision-making body meeting once a year in a different European venue.
The Board of Arbiters and The Board of Auditors


EHMA Statute



EHMA’s objectives have expanded with the organisation. Today the association promotes Europe as a whole through its members in individual countries, encouraging training and job exchanges. The organisation has developed a modern and progressive approach, promoting an expansionist outlook that adapts renowned European know-how to the demands of the rapidly changing international hospitality industry. Today the objective is to make EHMA the first source to talk to for big corporations and private owners, when in need to recruit a talented and experienced GM. EHMA members will be considered the first choice of contact for journalists when seeking for an insight within the Hospitality industry.

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Each year during the annual General Meeting:

  • the “European Hotel Manager of the Year award” is presented to a member hotelier, chosen from all candidates by the Management Council due to outstanding achievements reached in his/her profession.
  • The “EHMA Sustainability award” is also presented, to a member who successfully implemented innovative sustainability project during the year.

Hotel Schools

EHMA works closely with prestigious hotel schools such as Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, Cornell University and aims to establish further contacts with other important hotel schools throughout Europe.


EHMA was established in Rome in 1974. It is a non-profit association of Hotel Managers operating first class and luxury hotels across Europe. The founding members firmly believed that service is the principle tenet of quality hospitality. Personal service is the key stability, and without it luxury hotels cannot survive.

Vision & Mission

EHMA is concerned with safeguarding the ethics of the hotel profession. Its members are committed to fostering fellowship and respect, as well as their own professional improvement to better serve the industry. An Association of distinguished hoteliers is essential for maintaining the standards of excellence and quality that are the hallmarks of luxury. The mission is to keep EHMA the number one platform for collective intelligence, education, networking and professional development among European hotel managers of 4- and 5-star deluxe properties.


Why become an EHMA member

  1. Prestige: to be part of the most relevant Association for European 4- and 5-star hotel managers. “To be a star of EHMA, the firmament of international hotellerie!”
  2. Networking: the association represents a forum for evaluation of future developments in the industry and its relevance to the wider economy. The place to be for sharing knowledge joining:
  • Face-to-face events: annual & national meetings
  • EHMA Talk: the internal communication tool of the Association to share new ideas, insights, information and much more….!
  1. Valuable Presence in the Press:
  • Press releases and articles on EHMA activities, events and members are regularly produced and spread to the trade press
  • The official quarterly publication of EHMA: digital and printed “Hotel Management International” (HMI)
  1. Projects:
  • EHMA Mentoring program: developed in Italy and starting soon in other European delegations
  • Certification of the Hotel General Manager according to EHMA standards
  1. Education: continuous collaboration with hotel schools, associations and industry experts
  • develop professional skills
  • participation in educational programs
  • General Manager Scholarships - i.e. EHL, Cornell
  1. Partners: Preferential relationship with EHMA suppliers and beneficial partnerships with trade industry and associations
  2. Annual Membership Cost: only 1 euro per day!

How to become an EHMA member

EHMA is an association of people, not hotels. To become a member of the Association the candidate needs at least ten years of industry experience and must have the position of General Manager of a deluxe or first-class hotel of international repute. Candidates can also be nominated by members and be approved by the National Delegate of the relevant country. Finally, the application must be submitted to the Management Council. "Become an EHMA Star!"

The Annual Event

The members meet every year at a General Meeting held in one of the members’ countries, where a great networking and important discussions about the association and the emerging and developing trends take place. High-level guest speakers address the meeting on a variety of topical issues.