Hotel Schools



An investment in knowledge pays the best interest

EHMA actively supports hotel schools and has developed partnerships with prestigious institutions such as the Ecole Hotelière de Lausanne & Nolan Cornell University School of Hotel Administration.

In 1986 the late Honorary President of the EHMA, Dario dell’Antonia, had the idea to set up an annual award to particularly deserving students of the Ecole Hotelière de Lausanne, one of the most preeminent schools for hospitality management in Europe. The prize has been renamed in his honour and includes an invitation to EHMA Annual General Meeting, i.e. exclusive access to the entire programme of the conference as well as behind closed doors discussions about trends, challenges and opportunities with top European Hotel Managers. EHL is also present at EHMA’s General Meetings organizing the business session of the Young EHMA Group as well as granting free online course seats to the members.
During the critical period of the pandemic the Swiss school has organized Zoom live keynotes exclusively for members and partners of the Association!

Recently EHMA and EHL have expanded their partnership through two important initiatives, both targeting young hoteliers, the General Managers of the future. The first concerns the involvement of an undergraduate student who will work on the hot and urgent topic of why to become a General Manager as the subject of his dissertation. The academic work will be presented in February in Lisbon at the next General Assembly and the practical and applicative part will be shared in June 2023. This project is a ‘first’ for EHL and demonstrates the school’s high regard for EHMA. Surely the outcome will be of great interest! The second initiative is the launch of the MENTORING program from 2023 onwards on the basis of the ‘Mentor Me’ project successfully implemented by EHMA Italy, which will see two EHMA General Managers engaged in the role of Mentors with two EHL graduates for a period of two years.

Since 2006, Nolan Cornell University, one of the world’s leading schools for hospitality management, has been collaborating with the Association by offering online course certificates to some lucky members on the occasion of annual EHMA General Meetings.
Recently, the existing partnership with Nolan has been intensified. In fact, the American school is now offering all EHMA members and their staff the opportunity of significant discounts on their wide range of online courses, providing a dedicated portal and organising live information sessions. An opportunity not to be missed!
Starting in 2023, the Association has decided to present the EHMA Nadio Benedetti Award on an annual basis to a deserving Nolan Cornell graduate student who will have the opportunity to attend the EHMA Annual General Meeting.

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”!