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About Us


EHMA was established in Rome in 1974. It is a non-profit Association of Hotel General Managers operating first class and luxury hotels across Europe. The founding members firmly believed that service is the principle tenet of quality hospitality.


The association promotes Europe as a whole through its members in individual countries, encouraging training and job exchanges. The organization has developed a modern and progressive approach, promoting an expansionist outlook that adapts renowned European know-how to the demands of the rapidly changing international hospitality industry. Today the objective is to make EHMA the first source when in need to recruit a talented and experienced GM and the first choice of contact for journalists for an insight within the Hospitality industry.

Vision & Mission

Be the preferred Association of Hotel Managers, representing the most prestigious and unique hotels in Europe.

Foster friendship and amical spirit among its members.
Support an inclusive and stimulating networking environment, sharing experiences, insights and support, to effectively communicate within the hotel industry, with integrity, loyalty and trust.
Facilitate ongoing education, with the support of leading international hotel schools.

How to become an EHMA member

EHMA is an association of people, not hotels. To become a member the candidate needs at least ten years of industry experience, must have the position of General Manager of a deluxe or first-class hotel of international repute in Europe and must be presented by two members.

Internal Structure

Management Council: Responsible for the management of the Association. It is composed of the National Delegates, representing each country and/or group of countries, and the Treasurer.
Executive Committee: Composed of the President, two Vice-Presidents and the Treasurer.
Assembly: EHMA’s highest decision-making body meeting once a year in a different European venue.
The Board of Arbiters and The Board of Auditors
The Secretariat

The Annual Event – General Meeting

The members meet every year in one European country, where great networking and important discussions about the association and the emerging and developing trends take place. High-level guest speakers address the audience on a variety of topical issues. Networking represents the main asset of the Association, not only during the General Meeting but all year round.

Annual Awards & Recognitions

The “European Hotel Manager of the Year”
The “Hans Koch Lifetime Achievement”
The “EHMA Sustainability by Diversey”
The Best Practices on topical issues.

Hotel Schools

EHMA actively supports prestigious hotel schools and has developed partnerships with Ecole Hotelière de Lausanne and Nolan Cornell University.

Facts & Figures

EHMA currently gathers nearly 400 members in 23 European countries.