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EHMA was established in Rome in 1974. It is a non-profit association of Hotel Managers operating first class and luxury hotels across Europe. The founding members firmly believed that service is the principle tenet of quality hospitality. Personal service is the key stability, and without it luxury hotels cannot survive.

EHMA currently gathers more than 450 members in 24 European countries, representing more than 400 luxury hotels.

EHMA is an association of people, not hotels. To become a member the candidate needs at least ten years of industry experience and must have the position of General Manager of a deluxe or first-class hotel of international repute in Europe.

Be the preferred Association of Hotel Managers, representing the most prestigious and unique hotels in Europe.

Foster friendship and amical spirit among its members.
Support an inclusive and stimulating networking environment, sharing experiences, insights and support, to effectively communicate within the hotel industry, with integrity, loyalty and trust.
Facilitate ongoing education, with the support of leading international hotel schools.


Venice 12-14 april, 2024

Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence

Since its founding in Rome in 1974, the European Hotel Managers Association has stood as a beacon of luxury and first-class hospitality across Europe. Born from the vision of hotel general managers who championed the art of service, EHMA has flourished into a prestigious association, embodying the essence of quality hospitality.

Celebrating this milestone, we look forward to another 50 years of setting the standard in European hospitality, nurturing a community built on integrity, loyalty, and trust. Here’s to the past, present, and future of EHMA, where excellence is not just a tradition, but our promise. This fantastic video created by Gianni Buonsante and Ingenia Direct is a tribute to the Association and its Members.

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EHMA Pursuing Excellence

Showcasing EHMA's vibes

The 2023 has been a fantastic year for our members because we had so many general managers who received personal accolade like awards, recognition and with the great help of Gianni Buonsante from Ingenia Direct who produced this fantastic and carefully hand crafted video that belongs to all members, we wanted to shout out how we are, what we do and how great our family is.

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