André Cheminade General Manager Hotel des Horlogers, Vallée de Joux, Switzerland wins the EHMA “Best Practices 2023 Award”

André Cheminade Best Practices 2023 Award

From left to right, André Cheminade and EHMA President Panos Almyrantis

As EHMA continues strengthening its approach towards sustainability thus helping to drive a positive impact, it wishes to showcase various E.S.G. initiatives that are been implemented with an aspiration to bring out meaningful change through sustainability objects. This is the reason why EHMA has created the “Best Practices” Award, which for 2023 has been conferred to André Cheminade, General Manager Hotel des Horlogers, Vallée de Joux, in the Swiss Canton of Vaud. The Award has been presented during the General Assembly held on Friday 12 April 2024, at the Excelsior Hotel in Venice on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the Association.

“Every members efforts are driven by a purpose of responsible investment for sustainable value creation integrating and promoting the aspects of ESG across our value chain”, comments Panos Almyrantys, National Delegate of Greece & Cyprus and Chief Development Officer (CDO) of Ella Resorts in Athens. “Implementing ESG practices across the organisation requires having a solid ESG strategy supported by all. It needs leaders who understand and can respond to the growing regulatory demands for sustainable practices. It calls for individuals who can challenge how things are done to achieve a greener, more equitable organisation expected in today’s world. Wide-ranging sustainability is at the heart of any business nowadays. Following the rising tide of sustainable development, the environmental and social performance of companies is becoming increasingly important. A strong commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues can be a powerful competitive advantage for companies in the hospitality industry”.

Hotel des Horlogers is committed to always working in harmony with its environment by participating in sustainable development projects and meeting the most demanding eco-responsible standards. The building is at the forefront in ecological terms, both in the development of its construction and in its daily operations by keeping a spirit of continuous improvement. The hotel meets the latest Minergie-Eco requirements for energy efficiency and eco-responsible construction, it hasphotovoltaic panels set on the roof of the building; a no paper policy with digitization of the majority of its communication support and has implemented a no plastic policy by using biodegradable materials for single-use items, burlap bags, pencils with thyme seeds that can be planted in the garden instead of pens, wooden combs, cornstarch straws, organic slippers, and many more.

Additionally, the Hotel des Horlogers uses eco-friendly dispensers combining single-use pouches and traceability for liquid soaps and shampoos that reduce environmental impact, and a bottling system for spring water from the Valley to avoid transportation of tons of glass bottles all year round, reducing its carbon footprint.

In order to improve Biodiversity, the hotel has a vegetable garden to produce its own fruits, vegetables, and aromatic plants; it supports organic production and humanitarian projects in the countries of origin for imported raw materials, such as coffee and tea; has established a partnership with Parc Jura Vaudois giving 20 cents with every bottle sold. It provides guests with charging stations for electric cars and bicycles in its outdoor and indoor car parking and makes transfers to and from the Hotel with hybrid cars.

Made entirely Swiss, the hotel Spa by Alpeor uses plants and flowers from the Vallée de Joux and the Canton du Valais. Locally produced wines, brewed beers, and distilled spirits represent most of the menu, while the coffee is roasted in the Vallée de Joux and placed in biodegradable capsules and priority is given to local suppliers. The cleaning products used throughout the Hotel are organic.

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