EHMA elevates digital communication in the hospitality industry with Ingenia Direct’s expertise

digital communication in the hospitality industry

In a dynamic era where digital presence is key to growth and engagement, the European Hotel Managers Association (EHMA) has strategically advanced its commitment to digital excellence. Embracing the wave of digital transformation, EHMA has undertaken a significant initiative to enhance and broaden its online visibility through the comprehensive upgrade of its website, This pivotal move was facilitated through a partnership with Ingenia Direct, acclaimed for its deep-rooted expertise in digital strategy, design, and advanced technological solutions since 2000.

EHMA President, Panos Almyrantis, praised this collaboration. “The dedication and development led by Gianni Buonsante, CEO and Founder of Ingenia Direct, alongside his expert team, have made a remarkable impact. The combination of sensibility, creativity, and professionalism has revitalized our digital platform, making it a brilliant, unique service that elevates quality and enriches the user experience“.

Ingenia Direct has exploited state-of-the-art technology to ensure the website stands as a model of quality, efficiency, and security. Developments include strategically curating content for better visibility; selecting compelling images to engage visitors; and establishing a secure, password-protected area for members. Beyond website enhancement, Ingenia Direct has adeptly managed EHMA’s social media footprint across various platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, weaving a unified and captivating digital narrative.

By creating and producing impactful videos, Gianni Buonsante and Ingenia Direct have also significantly contributed to EHMA’s digital momentum. Presented during the Annual General Meetings, these videos spotlight EHMA’s vibrant activities and the individuals driving the Association, stirring deep emotions and vividly communicating its core values. This multimedia strategy not only highlights EHMA’s endeavors but also deepens the emotional bond with its audience, bringing to light the hospitality community’s spirit and passion.

Gianni Buonsante shared insights into the project’s ethos, “Digital communication’s central role aligns seamlessly with our vision. Our extensive background in hospitality and luxury enables us to build projects that blend guest-centric strategies with harmonious design and sophisticated development techniques. Our commitment to innovation drives us to design a website that offers a seamless experience across all devices, from desktops to smartphones, ensuring a dedicated design for every user. Our long-standing experience allows us to create strategies that bridge the gap between guests’ desires and the management’s needs and objectives”.

This e-strategic alliance marks a visionary step in digital communication within the hospitality industry, establishing a new benchmark for innovation and excellence. As EHMA continues its course of growth and adaptation, its enriched digital platform and compelling multimedia content stand as a tribute to the collaborative creativity and technological prowess that enhance the hospitality experience for everyone.

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