EHMA Annual General Meeting, April 12-14, 2024 in Venice, Italy

Dive into a world where professional growth meets the mesmerizing beauty of Venice at the EHMA 2024 General Assembly! Get ready to be swept away by the charm and elegance of a city that floats on dreams, where every corner tells a story of timeless allure and cultural depth. This isn’t just an assembly; it’s a journey into the heart of luxury hospitality, set against the breathtaking backdrop of Venice, Italy – a city synonymous with living art and exquisite elegance.

To celebrate our 50th Anniversary at the iconic Hotel Excelsior Venice Lido Resort, we invite you to a haven of tranquility and luxury. Located just steps from the from the vibrant Venetian beat, Hotel Excelsior is a serene oasis, blending the charm of Venice with the comfort of an exclusive retreat. Whether you’re seeking inspiration, relaxation, or the thrill of connection, this venue is where the elite of the international travel world, from movie stars to discerning explorers, find their slice of paradise.

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With spaces capable of hosting fairy-tale outdoor gatherings for up to 2,000 guests or intimate indoor meetings for 500, and as the prestigious host of the Venice Film Festival, the Excelsior Hotel is more than a venue: it’s a testament to grandeur and versatility. We promise an assembly that’s as enriching as it is exhilarating.

Join us as we delve into the dynamics of Human Capital in the Hotel Industry, surrounded by the unparalleled elegance of Venice. Let’s navigate together into the future, in a city that has mastered the art of timeless beauty.

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