EHMA Management Council Meeting in Seville, 11.11.2023

A Memorable EHMA Management Council Meeting in Seville

Who said that effective meetings and pleasure are mutually exclusive? Last weekend, we blended productivity with pleasure, as the delegation heads of EHMA – European Hotel Managers Association assembled in the Hotel Alfonso XIII; a stunning example of neo-Mudéjar architecture, which was originally constructed for the Ibero-American Exposition in 1929. This historic venue was named after the king himself.

Our agenda was comprehensive, addressing a range of topics relevant to the EHMA association: the 50th Annual General Meeting in Hotel Excelsior Venice Lido Resort in Venice, support for partners and strategic alliances, future Annual General Meetings post-Venice (stay tuned for exciting news), treasury report and membership status, collaboration with hotel schools and other organizations, internal projects, marketing, and PR. We also discussed candidates for EHMA achievement awards in recognition of our long-time members.

After a morning of engaging and productive discussions, we were graciously hosted for lunch by Mr. carlo suffredini, the long-serving Italian General Manager of the Hotel Alfonso XIII. His hospitality was as enriching as it was warm, providing us with a delightful culinary experience and fascinating insight into the history of this iconic establishment. Mr. carlo suffredini eloquently briefed us on the hotel’s storied past, including its notable appearance in the 1962 epic film “Lawrence of Arabia.”

Following our enriching experience at the Hotel Alfonso XIII, we had the privilege of being invited by Manuel Otero to explore the Real Alcázar de Sevilla. This majestic palace and its gardens are a testament to architectural grandeur and a living narrative of Spain’s layered history. The palace is significant not only for being the site where Queen Isabel I signed the contract for Christopher Columbus’s expeditions, leading to the European discovery of the Americas, but it is also noteworthy that Columbus’s official tomb is located in the city, further cementing Seville’s importance in the narrative of global exploration and history.

Inspired by the rich experiences of the day, our evening culminated at Casa Cuesta, an iconic establishment renowned for its traditional Andalusian tapas and stews. At Casa Cuesta with many dishes prepared according to original recipes dating back to 1925 found in the bar. Amidst this setting of culinary tradition and innovation, the fruitful discussions about the future undertakings of EHMA continued, blending the old and the new in both thought and taste.

This was an exciting visit to the city of flamenco.

EHMA Management Council: Panagiotis (Panos) Almyrantis, Stephan Stokkermans, Pawel Lewtak, MBA, Giuseppe Mariano, Ezio Indiani, Valentina Rettondini, Juha Mähönen, Tomas Feier, Wilhelm Luxem, Duncan Palmer, Manuel Otero and Maximilian Von Hochberg.

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