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“Esteemed Members,
We have been fortunate to collaborate over the past years with the non-profit association HOTREC.  The umbrella Association of Hotels, Restaurants, Bars and Cafes and similar establishments in Europe, which brings together 47 National associations in 36 countries.  As the platform of European hospitality associations, HOTREC promotes the key role of the hospitality and tourism sector in Europe, acting as a forum for exchangeand helping advance a regulatory framework and a business environment in which they can deliver the most value to European society and economy.
EHMA’s vision includes elements of HOTREC’s DNA between supporting a stimulating environment, sharing experiences, insights and support, effectively communicating within the hotel industry and facilitating ongoing education.
The alignment between the two associations is evident and the profound background presents new opportunities and synergies.  That said, I am happy to announce that as of September 2022 you will be receiving on a monthly basis, by our secretary office, HOTREC’s insights on topics of interest that include facts, figures and trends on industry related issues.
Furthermore, a round table will be organized at the AGM in Lisbon in February 2023, with EHMA’s executive committee and HOTREC’s representation, to elaborate our synergy by exchanging best practices.  We will be happy to receive some feedback from all of you that could be used in a fertile manner during the round table, in an effort to see our members benefiting from HOTREC’s wealth of information and collective data.
With the world changing faster than ever before, the landscape shifting unexpectedly, technology changing everything we do and environmental pressures reaching an alarming level, I feel confident that direct access to HOTREC’s research will only be beneficial to us all.
Warmest regards”

European Hotel Manager of the Year
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